Monday, August 11, 2008


Yesterday both my sister Holly and my best friend Heidi had their babies!!! Holly named her little boy Jensen Brian Rawlings and Heidi named her first little girl Audrey Leilani Sherman. Both are miracle babies in their own way - Heidi and Jason have tried to have kids for 10 years. They have done every kind of fertility treatment you can imagine! This baby will never wonder if it was wanted! And Holly has had complications with all of her pregnancies and lost her last baby. Jensen has given them several scares over the months but he is healthy and happy! Heidi is here in Arizona so we were able to go visit them at the hospital yesterday. Here are some pictures!


GILES FAM said...

Ok, Heath, I totally started tearing up hearing you talk about Holly's & Heidi's struggles. What sweet little babies. And what cute pictures of Heidi and Audrey! I just love Heidi. What a cute, little mom she will make. Also, watch out. From that last pic, it looks like James has some ideas of his own...the baby train is coming your way! :)

Palmer family said...

Lauren is right... James is trying to catch the next train it appears! :) Cute pictures of Heidi with her sweet baby. Thanks for posting. Tell her CONGRATS from me.

Joanna said...

tell heidi congrats for me! how awesome for them!

Marnie said...

Congrats to Heidi and Holly! 2 little miracles on the same day--I couldn't be happier for them. SOOO SWEEET!

Watkins said...

What's up Heather! It was great to hear about your upcoming wedding! Congratulations

We wish we could make it out there. Iowa's been fun, but another cold winter is making me a little homesick for old Arizona.

So, what part of Nebraska is James from? How did you guys meet?

I'm not sure if you knew, but we've got four kids now. Tucker is the youngest at 2. Joseph is next at 3.5. Next is Trevor (6) and Brianna (7).

We'll try to do a little better at staying in touch. Tell Holly Congrats and I hope all is well for them - where are they anyways...?

Take care,

Dave and Marian Watkins