Thursday, August 4, 2011

To the Zoo!

Dane and I went with our friends Addie & Sami to our children's zoo here in Lincoln last week. It is a great zoo for kids - really cool animals but not too big to be overwhelming. Dane had a blast! He especially liked the areas where you could actually touch the animals - the volunteers had a rat and a mouse he petted, and also the goats, and the butterfly pavilion. And we got to see the new penguin exhibit! One more reason to love Lincoln!

Family Vacation~

We had a fabulous time in Florida in July with James' mom and her husband. Some of James' relatives live right on the ocean and they left us their house while they were out of the country. We lived the rich man's life for a week! They have 2 really nice wave runners that we took out almost every day. We went wave running with dolphins! They also have a pool we spent a lot of time in. James and i headed to Orlando and did Islands Of Adventure one day and stayed the night while grandma and grandpa spent some time with Dane. We also hit Clearwater beach and caught a Tampa Rays baseball game. And it wouldn't have been a vacation without some shopping. :) I'm ready to go back! They spoiled us!