Thursday, December 10, 2009

Negative Degree Weather, Travels, and a Turnip

i'm not much for taking pictures but we got invited to a picture party last weekend and we got this picture... She did ALL cheesy poses - not really my style. I think both of us thought most of the pictures reminded us that we need to go on a diet...!

Nebraska weather has been CRAZY this week. This is DAY 3 that the school systems have been shut down from the downpour of snow and blizzard conditions. James' work was shut down for 1 1/2 days but of course - no break for state workers. I still was supposed to be at work!
I heard today that it is supposed to be negative 25 with the windchill factor (still in the negatives without the windchill). I cannot help but think my car is broken when i get in and the outside temp registers on the screen as being in the negatives. Gotta love Nebraska. Our neighbors remind my why this is even a good place to live. On Sunday after a big snow storm one neighbor was out snowblowing our driveway. Then on Tuesday after more snow, the across street neighbor was doing our drive again. Then yesterday, a 3rd neighbor was caught cleaning up more snow. Where else do you find that!??

We haven't gone anywhere exotic lately but in Nov we made a quick trip to AZ and then a trip to my parents in Hanford, CA and down to Los Angeles. Next weekend i head to Denver for a long weekend and then in Jan i am visiting my sisters in Boise. We haven't been able to see everyone we wanted but it was fun to see a few good friends. And James had never been to Hanford, CA and the Smith house. Adventures. For those who don't know about Hanford or the Smith house, there are stories. He is now finally gone thru the final initiation to being a son-in-law. My brother in laws will tell you it gives a little perspective on our family.
And on to the turnip - well, for those we haven't told (which is probably a lot of you). I am prego! And according to all of the blogs which compare the growing fetus to the size of a fruit or vegetable - the fetus is now the size of a turnip. Surely they could come up with a better fruit or vegetable than that... But thats the comparison. I am 17 weeks and i am at the stage where i am just starting to look fat rather than looking prego yet. My pants are all tight but they still mostly fit.
i know many women who LOVE being pregnant - i am not one of those.. I will never embrace getting fatter, my chest was already two sizes too large and now i've added another size on to that (and more to come i hear), the morning(afternoon & evening sickness) was almost unbearable, and i had a severe bout of backpain for a couple weeks that is apparently caused by a combination of the hormone relaxin affecting my pelvis/lower back and my stair climber workout. But i have to believe that the worst is over. :) I feel better than i have in a few months now. We are going to find out what we are having - kinda later than most people do - not til i'm 22 weeks along - so in about a month. James keeps asking what i think it is. What my "gut" thinks it is. I truly honestly have no idea. And i don't care much either way. The only thing pulling me towards a girl is they have cuter clothes to dress them in. James is praying for a boy. We'll keep you posted..