Saturday, May 9, 2009

A New House!

This is the front of our house - its not super beautiful but the inside has lots of potential!
This is our backyard - it has a woodsy feel. Its kinda small but on the other side of this fence is a huge commons area with trees and lots of grass. And just down the path are tennis courts, basketball courts, and 2 playgrounds as part of our HOA.

We are set to close on our home on May 29th! We'll be first time homeowners! We are super excited! We had to do some compromising - my top priority was to be near a trail - there are a lot of trails here in Lincoln. And James wanted a bit of a fixer-upper. So it has both. Everyone is invited!! There is plenty of room!

The whole purchasing process has been an adventure. James is competitive and was upset to hear that my credit score was higher than his by 2 points! Its been eating at him.

I have also been working at my new job for a couple of weeks now. Its with the Sate of Nebraska as an Administrator over "Financial Responsibility." Basically I oversee some of the collections process for the Department of Health & Human Services. Its off to a slow start but its getting better.

We can't wait to have visitors so everyone has an open invite.