Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines and Radio Show DJs

Friday morning i'm at home and i get a call from James:

James: Ah-chay, are you at home?
Me: Yes
James: Go downstairs and let some people in.
Me: Who?
James: Just go downstairs and let them in.
Me: I don't have any makeup on.
James: Just trust me.
So i go down in my fuzzy socks and crocs and see through the window four men - two of them in red tuxedos. I don't know that i had ever seen a red tuxedo before. My first thought - "is this a singing telegram??" But i let them in the apt complex and then notice the non-tux wearers had a microphone and the other a camera. They are from KLIN radio in Lincoln. They are holding a huge bouquet of red roses. They quickly explain to me that my husband submitted an entry of why i deserved an extra special Valentine's and we were one of four entries that were selected. His entry said something about us recently getting married and moving from AZ and that i had sacrificed a lot and hadn't found a job in Lincoln yet (and that i was bedridden and blind). They handed over the large bouquet, a smelly candle, a $100 giftcard to a spa, and a $40 gift certificate to a mexican restaurant!!! What a valentine's! Then the camera flash started going and the two DJs stepped in on either side of me.! Although this isn't how i would have wanted the whole encounter to go down, it was a great and unusual Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 9, 2009

He Passed!!

(Pictures were removed at the request of James)

James has been studying for his Series Seven test for the past few months. It was the only thing between him and a license to be a broker - the whole reason we moved to Nebraska. After hearing his stories about his horrible study habits (or no study habits) in college and hearing that most people don't pass this test the first time, I have been really impressed at how dedicated he has been about studying and wanting to know the material, not just pass the test. Today was the big day. It only takes a 70 to pass. But everyone says that this is a test you must respect. Very tough. So James passed with a ..... (drumroll) 87!!!! Can you believe!??? I am so proud. We had a little celebration tonight. We went to dinner with his family and had everyone over for dessert. Way to go James! We all knew you could do it!