Saturday, October 25, 2008

Settling in Nebraska

We have been in Nebraska for two weeks now. I wanted to share a few interesting things i have noticed besides the beautifully changing leaf colors and freezing cold weather -

**Nebraska is just about as vanilla as Utah. To put it bluntly - I never see Mexicans and rarely see african-americans. Its a little weird...

**The mid grade gas is cheaper than the lowest grade gas here - ALWAYS. I'm told it is becuase the mid grade has ethanol which is made from corn and we are in the land of corn. :) Thus it is cheaper.

**I miss the option to recycle. Nebraska hasn't joined the recycle bandwagon and i cringe when i have to toss a bottle. I didn't realize how much i cared, until now. Maybe that is becuase we just visited Costa Rica - one of the most earth friendly nations in the world. Or maybe its because i now have a sister-in-law who is more pro-recycling than anyone i have ever met. Anyways, we have been separating it and drving to sites that have limited hours, but they definitely don't make it very easy.

**I am convinced that the Lincoln/Omaha area has more pumpkin patches per capita than any other area of America. But maybe i haven't visited enough of the mid-west...

**Lincoln/Omaha also seems to have more Nissan Muranos per capita. I love it!! That is what i own and i love my Murano. These are my kind of people!

Other than that Lincoln is a fabulous mid-sized town. We have seen a lot of it so far - besides racking up quite a credit card bill buying a sectional sofa, kitchen table and chairs, 46" TV, and washer and dryer, we have also:

biked around the trails of Lincoln
gone ice skating
did a session at the Winter Quarters Temple
visited the greatest Pumpkin Patch in Gretna, NE complete with a big bouncy pillow (trampoline thing)to jump on, and go-cart tracks with adult sized tricycles.
went to a Husker Vball game - the girls are ranked 2nd in the nation! They are incredible!
went to a Husker Football game. (there's nothing quite like it)
visited the Henry Dorley zoo (one of the top 3 zoos in the country)

**Special thanks to Lindsay for getting us directions when we call on a whim...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Honeymoon Recap - Pura Vida!!

Well - we spent 6 days in Costa Rica and LOVED it. Many of my friends had already been there so it was helpful to talk to people beforehand. We were in San Jose the first night. Arenal the next. MonteVerde two nights. And then on the coast at Playa del Coco/ Ocotal. We enjoyed every area and we stayed in some really fun hotels! The food was fabulous. The people were great. It was rainy season so we got at least a little rain every day which made it interesting, but it didn't ruin too many plans.

We did a zip line in Monte Verde which was through a protected rainforest. So fun!

Our hotel in Arenal was right at the base of the active Volcano.
Our hotel on the beach at Playa del Ocotal
Its funny because James was quite hesitant to go to Costa Rica becuase his only foreign travel has been Mexico. Beforehand he said he would have rather gone to Hawaii... But during and after.. he has said that he is so glad we went to Costa Rica. He has been recommending to everyone and their dog..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Professional Wedding Pics

Our wedding photographer, Justine, was great! She just sent us a link to view the proofs on her website. Follow the instructions below if you want to see the pictures that she is sending us. She is sending a CD with the images and we can print them out wherever we want. So let me know if you want copies of any of the images. She got some great shots of family and friends!

Your wedding photos have been uploaded into your password protected gallery. To view your photos, go to and click "enter site" at bottom. Once you are in the site, enter the proofing page. In the bottom right corner you will see a space for your password. Type in; Heather ( case sensitive) Your gallery should load, although it may take a moment depending on your browser and computer.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wedding Pics

Well, We've been married going on two weeks now and i'm finally posting a few pics. We haven't gotten the pics back from our photographer except for a couple that she posted on her blog:
But other friends have shared some that they took. I loved that i had my favorite people all around us for a couple of days. It was so great to see everyone! Hope to catch up with everyone really soon as we settle in to Lincoln this week.