Sunday, April 3, 2011

Monterey, CA

Dane & I have been having a blast visiting my parents in California for a couple of weeks. The trip started with an unfortunate unplanned stay at the hospital for my dad - who had to have his gallbladder removed. But it also means he has been home to spend time with us. We took a side trip for a couple of days to Monterey - short but so FUN! I am always reminded by Dane that i can only see/do about 1/3 of what i want to if Dane is coming along. :) But we got to visit Fisherman's Wharf, Cannery Row, and do 17 Mile Drive with the Lone Cypress and Pebble Beach. Its been too long since i have been to the beach and it was Dane's first visit to the beach. He ate it up!