Sunday, November 9, 2008

More adventures

Some family friends gave us this picture from Halloween out here. I was the only one from James' family to dress up but we had fun passing out candy to the all the kids.

Another adventure i had this week - since i haven't started work yet - i volunteered to help James' friend who has a paper route before he goes to his FT job as an architect. He knew that the day after the elections would be especially busy because the papers print late, etc... So i got to see a day in his life and help him out. I went to bed about 12:30 or 1 and woke up at 3am to meet him at the Newspaper distribution center. The papers were even later than we thought and didn't arrive until after 4. For the next few hours i wandered around some neighborhoods in Lincoln, passing out the Lincoln Journal Star, the Omaha paper, and the Wall Street Journal. In case you don't know - it is still dark at 3 in the morning. And at 4. And at 5. :) So a headlamp came in handy as i studied his map to determine which houses got papers and which didn't. Quite an adventure. I don't think i'll ever get my own paper route. (I have never been a morning person) but it definitely makes me want to tip my paperboy!