Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Now Where Were We...?

Well we just had a fabulous visit from my BF Heidi. She came in last Wednesday and left on Saturday and there was good times in between. But from the minute Heidi got in town Dane made sure that we all knew that we still needed to drop everything for him. Within a few minutes of walking in the door he had a major blowout with Heidi holding him. And as we changed him he did some more damage during the split second we had his diaper off to wipe down his back (more #2 and #1 as well). Welcome Heidi! :) We found ourselves saying, "Now where were we?" several times during her visit after one episode or another. But despite the episodes we had fun shopping for deals, trying her workout video, eating, and just hanging out with Dane. Heidi took some fun pictures of Dane including the one above. And as you can see from the pic i took of Heidi & Dane - Dane has become a big fan of Heidi!