Saturday, May 31, 2008

Aussie Style

Today was day two in Australia! This place is even better than New Zealand!! We did a petting zoo today with all of the Australian animals. I pet a koala bear, fed tons of kangaroos, pet wombats, and saw a tasmianian devil, croc, flying foxes, penguins, and tons of other stuff. I thought of Miriam Oh who really likes furry animals like Koala bears and soft kangaroos. The gray ones were the softest Miriam. You would like. Tomorrow we are going to go to church, do the bridgewalk, and go to the sydney operahouse for a show. I'll keep you posted....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Greetings from Auckland

we have been here in New Zealand for four days now and it feels like we have done it all!! Waterfalls, Scuba Diving at Poor Knights Island, Glo Worm Caves, New Zealand Temple, Maori Village, Zorbing (you need to look this one up), Shopping, the Luge, and eating eating eating. I haven't taken enough pictures but there are 11 others taking pictures of everything we see so i know i'll get some good ones. I'll post again soon...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Season of the BBQ

This past weekend I attended 3 BBQs PLUS a dinner at my cousin Marsha's with BBQ meat. All were very yummy. At my work BBQ someone brought kettle corn and my co-worker said she had a recipe that was great and easy. So James and I tried making some last night. The first batch was no bueno. But we figured it out the second batch and found this recipe online that was slightly different but helped us get a better result.
Try it out. Its addicting!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bit more on Spain...

Half the time we did public transport and half the time we rented this little number... It met our needs and got us all over southern Spain. But we HATED driving in Madrid. I don't recommend.

Not much to say about this one...

The Rock of Gibraltar. So cool. Down at the SOuthern tip of Spain is Gibraltar - a UK territory. So all of a sudden we could read the signs and speak English again!! We took a cable car to the top and you can see Africa from there!

We also saw these guys at the top. Miriam was dying to pet them. But we restrained her. Sarah and i forgot about the warnings posted everywhere and we started snacking on some chocolate. One almost pounced me!


We learned to make tanjin chicken at a cooking class in Morrocco! Hands down the best meal that we had on our whole trip!

Morrocco was just how i imagined it... But everyone there makes you pay them if you want to take their picture. Especially this snake charmer.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Spain revisited....

I went to Spain end of Feb/beg of March and several people wanted to see pictures. That was the main reason i started a blog....hmmmm... so, even though these are a couple of months old now, i wanted to share the amazing things i saw/did in Spain and Morrocco...
This picture is Toledo, Spain. Beautiful!!

We did a bike tour in Barcelona. We saw all the major sites of the city with our guide from South Africa!

There was a marathon going on in Barcelona - fun to watch but we chose to eat sweets we discovered at a great little chocolate shop!

The national favorite in Spain is HAM. Ham everything - from ham flavored potato chips to fried ham rolls. Here we are in Madrid eating one of many ham sandwiches.

This is how we spent a lot of our time....

This reminded us of Christmas...but it is buildings by the famous architect famous who lived in Spain.

One of my favorite towns was Sevilla. Not too big. Not too small... And Beautiful with tons of history..

Sevilla is the home of Flamenco dancing.