Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Birthday Party in Oklahoma City

We decided this was the furthest any of us had ever driven for a birthday party. We drove 7 hours each way to OK City this past weekend to attend a good friend of James' surprise 30th birthday party. There were 6 of us friends from Lincoln who made the trek. And even though we drove all day Sat, played there Sat afternoon/eve and drove back the very next morning - we had a great time! Here are some pics of the quick trip..
Here is the birthday boy in the middle and Harmon & Scott that we drove down with. Kevin was SO surprised!!

We got there a little early so we had some fun before the party. Here are 4 of the 6 of us....

These trees are all over the city. I loved em.

This is at the OK City Bombing Memorial. Really neat place. The chairs were for each victim of the terrorist tragedy.


Heidi said...

Glad you got to go for a quick trip! I know how you enjoy those!! I think you really enjoy any trip! Can't wait to see you next week!!!!!!

Laura said...

The redbuds are beautiful this time of year.