Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wedding Pics

Well, We've been married going on two weeks now and i'm finally posting a few pics. We haven't gotten the pics back from our photographer except for a couple that she posted on her blog:
But other friends have shared some that they took. I loved that i had my favorite people all around us for a couple of days. It was so great to see everyone! Hope to catch up with everyone really soon as we settle in to Lincoln this week.


Mila Ju e Ry Jensen said...

Hey you guys!! I hope you are having a fun time together like a wife and husband. We're so excited for you guys!! I invited you to see my blog. Did you get that? I posted pics of your wedding over there. And I have to say: your bouquet looked great!!! lolololo and..
You were such a gorgeous bride!!! I wish the best for you both. Let us know when you are coming here to visit ok? In few weeks I'm going down to Brazil to visit my family. I'm counting down the days. I can't wait to see them!!! I'll post pics. A big hug to you!!!

cath said...

princess. you are a princess! gorgeous as always, but with a little extra bride-oomph!! love you, miss you, and wish you ALL the happiness in the world ... HUGS!!!

amy said...

Yea, a new post! I was wondering when you would find time. Hope all is well in Lincoln! The wedding pics looks awesome.