Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Season of the BBQ

This past weekend I attended 3 BBQs PLUS a dinner at my cousin Marsha's with BBQ meat. All were very yummy. At my work BBQ someone brought kettle corn and my co-worker said she had a recipe that was great and easy. So James and I tried making some last night. The first batch was no bueno. But we figured it out the second batch and found this recipe online that was slightly different but helped us get a better result.
Try it out. Its addicting!!!



Palmer family said...

sounds YUMMY! I am always up to trying a new, fantastic tasting food item! :)
you leave tomorrow for your next trip, eh? HAVE FUN & BE SAFE!!
love ya!

Marnie said...

Delicioso! I totally printed it out. We'll have to give it a try. I think of all of our family, you're the most addicted to popcorn. No es asi?